Month: December 2011

CCIE labbing with Asasel’s IOU 4.3

Cisco has requested that I delete this blog post. They have been nice so far…. so this post in going, going… gone!  Juniper Brocade Force10

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Laptop, iPad and Kindle loadouts

I’m getting quite a few emails asking for my laptop, ipad and Kindle loadouts.  So here they are.  I also included my daily clothing and backpack contents.  Hey, might as well be complete! Clothing worn most of the time –  The

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My Daily and Weekly routine

After being in Thailand for more than two weeks, I have stuck to a study routine that seems to work and is actually pretty relaxing. Weekly overview Monday – Saturday – Study, labbing and physical exercise Sunday  – Day of

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Yet Another CCIE blog Part 2

Let’s continue with the reasons I chose to study in Thailand Weather It’s cool to warm with a little humidity (hey it’s Thailand) and windy along the beach. My condo is a four minute walk from the shoreline and I

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Yet Another CCIE blog

Ahh, the wonderful CCIE blog. Creating a blog is a rite of passage for many people going for their CCIEs. Some blogs are wonderful and chock full of useful tips, while others are as boring as BGP path attributes. Why

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