Month: January 2012

Editing configurations in Asasel’s IOU 4.3 – Video included

Please note, this blog post and video are no longer valid.  Cisco has kindly requested that I remove the video and I have complied with their request. Please don’t email me asking how to view the video.  Just stick to

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Cranking up my studies

I have been in Thailand for approximately one and a half months studying for my CCIE exam and I’m cranking up the pace of my studying. Previously, I had been labbing two to three times a day with Internetwork Expert’s

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BGP in Boracay

Just 40 meters away, crystal-clear ocean waves glide over smooth white sand. White-hulled boats with bright-blue sails criss-cross the bay while children slowly sculpt intricate sand castles for pocket change. It’s 5PM and the sun is slowly setting in Boracay

View Talay 2A condo review

This is my last night at my current condo unit on the second floor of View Talay 2A in Jomtien Thailand. The place has been great, but unfortunately I was only able to book this room for one month as

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Happy New Year and a progress report

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! It’s January 1st 2012 and I’m getting into my third hour of labbing at 11PM.  For some reason, studying and labbing make me ravenously hungry and I usually need to grab a snack midway through.  Eating

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