BGP in Boracay

Starbucks Boracay Beach

Just 40 meters away, crystal-clear ocean waves glide over smooth white sand. White-hulled boats with bright-blue sails criss-cross the bay while children slowly sculpt intricate sand castles for pocket change. It’s 5PM and the sun is slowly setting in Boracay Beach in the Philipines, the light breeze goes well with my hot chocolate as I fire up my IOU for another round of CCIE labbing.

Studying BGP at Boracay Beach Starbucks

After conquering frame-relay, RIP, EIGRP AND OSPF in Internetwork Expert’s Workbook I, I’m now starting the MASSIVE BGP section. To celebrate, I’ve traded my digs in Jomtien Thailand for Boracay Beach Philippines ! Ok, so I’m actually here for my cousin’s wedding on the 17th, but since I have some free time I might as well mix in some labbing.

I’m here at a beach-side Starbucks with plenty of seating, power plugs and most important of all, free Internet. From the second floor, I have a great view of the beach, tourists and boats. It’s hard to believe that just one month ago I was toiling away at my job in Southern California.

Boracay Beach Sunset

So what’s so great about Boracay Beach? Quite simply, this is probably one of the best beaches in the world. White sand, clear light blue water and awesome weather. Littering and smoking on the beach is not only outlawed, but it is strictly enforced. The sand is also regularly combed to remove trash and big rocks. The result? Walking on this beach is one of the things you MUST put on your “bucket list”.

The beach and island itself has a mix of tourists.. I’m seeing a fair amount of Koreans, Chinese and Russians with a smattering of Aussies and Americans. Not too many Brits for some reason. Almost every worker here from the highest managers to the lowly security guard (and there are TONS OF GUARDS here, they all have guns) speak perfect English. Heck, their English is probably better most peoples’ English in the United States.

Chicken Adabo at Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast

Food is plentiful and cheap with most meals costing around $4-$5 which for a beach resort is pretty insanely cheap. Portions are huge and you have a good portion of meat, rice and some type of tropical fruit like mangoes, coconut, etc.


I’m staying at the Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast which only costs $60/day. So far it’s been a great stay. The room is pretty basic concrete block, but it has a nice bed and bathroom. The place is less than a 30-second walk to the beach and has a great staff.

Boracay Beach outside Lazy Dog

As you can guess by the name, there are also a couple friendly dogs roaming around. One is getting kinda shaggy, but the other one is nicely groomed.

Cost Breakdown

$600 – RT trip flight from Bangkok to Manila with transfer to Caticlan Airport (Boracay)
$15 – escorted transfer to/from hotel from the airport
$4-$5 – meals
$60/day – lodging at the Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast

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  1. Dave says:

    It’s nice following your blogs. And glad you came here in Philippines.
    Just like you.. I’m studying my CCIE-Wireless too.
    Good luck to both of us.

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