View Talay 2A condo review

This is my last night at my current condo unit on the second floor of View Talay 2A in Jomtien Thailand. The place has been great, but unfortunately I was only able to book this room for one month as another tenant is coming in next week. All in all, the condo has been a great value. Cost breakdown below

Condo rented through (their office is on the ground floor of View Talay 2A)

  • 15,000 baht rent for the month
  • 4,000 baht for maid service (was good, but in retrospect probably didn’t need it)
  • 650 electric – barely used the aircon because it was a bit cool in december
  • 200 water
Total – 19850 baht for one month – December 8 to January 8

6000 deposit – got 1150 baht back after maid, electric and water was deducted

Pluses in no particular order

  • Room safe
  • Location – couple minutes away from Jomtien beach and the condo was right on the main road to Pattaya (baht buses run right outside)
  • Friendly security guards
  • A guard cat – friendly cat that hangs out by the front gate guard
  • Pool – looked nice, but never used it
  • Tons of facilities on the ground floor, condo/apartment rental brokers, laundry, restaurants, market


  • No real minuses for the condo building itself
  • Specific to room – don’t leave any food lying around !!! There are mites and ants roaming about… probably because of the numerous restaurants on the ground floor.
  • Minor minus, 2nd floor view is mostly obscured by trees. However, the slight rustling sound during a breeze is quite nice.
  • Balcony slightly cramped
  • Hallways echo.. a lot
  • Walls are slightly thin, I couldn’t do podcast/YouTube videos for fear of disturbing neighbors

View Talay 2A Room 75

View Talay 2A Room 75

View Talay 2A Room 75 room safe

View Talay 2A Room 75 Closet

View Talay 2A Room 75 Balcony


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