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Swimming in the Styx – CCIE lab attempt #1

On October 15 2013, I took my CCIE Routing & Switching lab exam in San Jose.  It was my first attempt and while I failed, I feel that it is a fair and passable exam.  The following is an account

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Inside Narbik’s House of Pain

FULL DISCLOSURE I attended Narbik’s 5-day CCIE R&S bootcamp from March 4 to March 8 2013 and paid the full $2995 price. This review of Narbik’s bootcamp is divided into three main parts Narbik’s lecture Narbik’s workbooks Cisco 360 materials

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Free remote training sessions are in full swing !!!

For the past three years, our RouterGods Meetup group has been one of the busiest Cisco groups in the USA.  As of Sept 19, 2012 we have had 252 meetings and 274 members.  Whether you’re just starting on your Cisco

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Updated RelativityDrive GNS3/Dynamips now available

To all CCIE R&S candidates using INE’s Workbooks and GNS3, I’ve got some good news for you. I’ve created an updated version of RelativityDrive’s GNS3/Dynamips configs for INE’s Workbooks Volume 1 and 2.   This new version has all the

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Studying in style, back in the USA

I’ve been back in the US for a little more than a month and continuing on my CCIE studies.  My four months in Thailand were great, but I still need a few more months of solid practice and studying to

So long IOU… welcome back GNS3

This is going to be a LONG blog post about running ANY GNS3 .NET file without crashing.  If you are having trouble getting GNS3 to work on your computer, this post is for you! I’m still in Thailand and no

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Study tip – Active Recall

Have you ever read a chapter in a book and wondered, “What the hell did I just read?” Reading mountains of books and PDFs is a must for any CCIE candidate, but can we improve on the typical reading experience?

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M-150 gives you MEGA POWER !!

It’s 6:40 AM here in Thailand and I haven’t slept yet. In fact, I just came back from a jog and before that I labbed for approximately six hours. Where am I getting my limitless energy? Am I inhuman? No.

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Labbing up Cisco switches at PacketLife’s free lab

You’ve heard it again and again that GNS3 and IOU can’t perfectly emulate Cisco switches. Let’s be honest here, GNS3 sucks for switch practice. IOU is much better, but still cannot run many of the commands necessary for people gunning

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Editing configurations in Asasel’s IOU 4.3 – Video included

Please note, this blog post and video are no longer valid.  Cisco has kindly requested that I remove the video and I have complied with their request. Please don’t email me asking how to view the video.  Just stick to

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