INE GNS3 updated version 5

Here are GNS3 .NET files and configs for most of INE’s CCIE RS Version 5 Advanced Technology Labs.  This is a best effort project, but they have been tested in internal RouterGods study groups for several months before release.  These have not been completely tech-edited and will probably have errors.

Please email Humphrey Cheung at with corrections.

  • Please use GNS3 1.3.7 or better
  • Image file names are in the txt file after you unzip the above file
  • These .net files have been formatted for Windows users
  • Please purchase INE workbooks at INE


September 12 2015

  • Added vrf aware dmvpn with drawings

June 3 2015

  • Added dmvpn
  • Created gns3 file just for the iprouting – reliable policy routing lab

June 5 2015

  • Added basic ospf routing
  • Added basic eigrp routing
  • Added basic rip routing

July 4 2015

  • added initial bgp
  • added basic bgp routing
  • added mpls vrf lite
  • added mpls mpbgp prefix filtering

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