Narbik GNS3 updated for v5

Here are GNS3 .NET files and configs for most of INE’s CCIE RS Version 5 Advanced Technology Labs.  This is a best effort project, but they have been tested in internal RouterGods study groups for several months before release.  These have not been completely tech-edited and will probably have errors.

Please email Humphrey Cheung at with corrections.

  • Please use GNS3 1.3.7 or better
  • Image file names are in the txt file after you unzip the above file
  • These .net files have been formatted for Windows users
  • Please purchase Narbik’s books at


Sept 12, 2015

  • Lots of minor fixes
  • Updated ipv6 advanced labs

August 21, 2015

  • The 15.2-4(M8) seems unstable in multicast labs, so continue using the S series for all the labs EXCEPT for DMVPN Redirect related ones.
  • Minor fixes to DMVPN labs
  • Moar fixes to MPLS and BGP Advanced Workbook labs

August 10, 2015

  • Foundation DMVPN IP fix
  • Adv Security Workbook, several labs added

August 5, 2015

  • DMVPN labs converted to 7200 – note the original ips of 192.1.X.X has changed to 192.1.1.X
  • Adv Multiast touchup fixes.
  • Adv OSPF labs 1-6 converted to 7200 router
  • Adv OSPF Lab 2 needs some more work to be completed, but you can do about 70% of the tasks
  • 7Zip file MUCH smaller (before 6.5 MB, now approx 200 KB, because I now purge all the large nvram, bootflash and XXX_log.txt files before compression

TODO – There are still a few labs that need to be converted from the 3725 to 7200 routers

August 2, 2015

Fixes and improvements to Adv Multicast. Some topos were missing ip addresses. Every multicast lab now has an option for completed igp and sparse or sparse-dense mode (depending on the lab) Amazingly all multicast labs seem to work well (unlike 2-3 years ago when GNS3 would bomb out with Multicast)

When pinging multicast addresses, use repeat 1 !!!!

July 31, 2015 – Minor fixes to Adv Workbook MPLS. Finished Labs 1-10 Multicast

July 29, 2015 – Massive improvements to Adv Workbook BGP and MPLS. Every MPLS lab now has an “ospfconfigured” option that will save you time if you have no need to torture yourself with OSPF.

July 21 2015 – Lots of updates, mainly to Advanced Workbook Volume 1 and 4

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