Narbik Study Planner

Ok, so you’ve purchased Narbik’s workbooks and are probably overwhelmed.  How many times do you do each lab and in what order should you complete the tasks?  I’ve created a study planner that lists each workbook section.  Simple mark each time you complete a section and when you’ve filled up all the slots, continue onto the next workbook.

Alternatively, you can mark the planner like I do (and who doesn’t want to be me right?)    In the box next to the workbook task, put down your start and stop times along with the date.  This way you can see the completion times decreasing (hopefully) as you go through the workbook.


  • Advanced Routing & Switching Volume 1
    • EIGRP Lab 1    07-05-13 0900-0921    07-08-13  1310-1320      you get the picture

Download the Narbik/Micronics Workbook Study Planner

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